EST SINE DIE | About us
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about us


Continue the growth of our Company and always remain updated by looking for innovative solutions regarding the design and the choice of the materials to create our products.

Become a reference point for individuals and families looking for a special way to remember their loved ones.


We want to improve and expand the range of our ecological and biodegradable urns, by working closely with industry experts and be inspired to do our best,  to ensure the utmost care in dealing with this topic.

Our goal is to create cremation urns that can be considered a sacred memory or an elegant and dignified object to keep at home.

giovanni po

I’m passionate about art in all its forms and I made it my way of life: architecture, design, music and nature are the tools that help me to turn an idea into reality.

I’m an interior designer and I take care of the project, design and development of our products.

Ecology, recycling, and respect for natural environment are my reference point to design in an eco-friendly way.

stefania borciani

I have always been attracted to new ideas and open to see things from a different point of view to enhance my knowledge.

My interest in reading, travelling and the experience I’ve gained working in multicultural environments, improved my public relations skills and ability to plan in detail every working project I’m going to accomplish.