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Dear Visitor,

Our aim is to give people the opportunity to honour the memory of loved ones and pet friends, with high-quality, ecological products. We have based our philosophy on our love of nature, the environment and our desire to help people through  this difficult time. We offer the possibility to choose ecologic products both elegant and dignified, making the bond among men, pets and nature even stronger.

This is why our urns are supplied with tree seeds to be planted, allowing a new life to grow in a different shape. The new tree will be a living memorial to celebrate the life of our loved one.

Losing a cat, a dog or any other pet can be extremely sad too. Sharing our daily routine with them and enjoying their unconditional love they become part of the family, providing us endless beautiful moments. When that day arrives, we are in front of the possibility of cremation or burial to say the last good-bye in a respectful way.

We make it possible for anyone to end their journey in a unique and way, preserving the ashes in their homes, burying or scattering them in a meaningful  place without polluting the eco-system. We have chosen high quality material, FSC certified. If they fall, they dent but don’t brake and the piece can be substituted. 

Being in the design field, our strenght is the customization. We are here to listen, be responsive and offer the appropriate solution.

To emphasize the craftmanship and the italian production, we have given each urn the name of a roman God/Goddess to remind our ancestors.

Now you can start checking out our cremation urns and e-mail us if you have any question while we wish that all your loved ones still remain with you as long as possible.


Giovanni e Stefania




Cremation is a ritual with ancient origins. In the far East  it has remained unchanged for thousand of years. In Europe, by the time of the Roman Empire, it was widely practiced but with the rise of Catholicism, cremation was gradually abandoned in favour of earth burial.

In 1963 the Catholic Church has lifted the ban on cremation  and today it’s chosen by an increasing number of people. Since 2001 in Italy it is possible to scatter the ashes.  Therefore, it’s not forbidden to disperse the ashes in open space after you have informed the local Authority,  or preserve them in a urn at home.

Cremation is the process of reducing a dead body to its basic elements through the intense heat and direct flame of a crematorium chamber, converting the corpse to cremains. Then, the ashes will  be collected and saved  in a sealed urn with a plaque with the personal information of the deceased person, or collected and  kept to be scattered later in an outdoor venue.

Our ecological and biodegradable pressed cardboard urns are ideal for scattering, for the burial and to be displayed indoors.  If the urn is buried or dispersed in water, in a short time will melt, allowing direct contact of the ashes with the surrounding environment. If you prefer to keep the urn in your home we supply different shapes, colours and sizes so you can find a product to match your preference.

Among the advantages of cremation we find optimizazion of common areas. Cremation is not a denial of the traditional funeral, but a way of  bodily disposition from which we can choose.


In recent times, cremation has become a choice not only for people, but also for their animal companions.

There are two options: individual or collective.

In the first option, the pets are cremated alone. The ashes are collected in a cinerary urn to be preserved by the owner or scattered in an open space.

In the second one, a number of pets are incinerated together with no individualized care.

Cremation is not only for dogs and cats, but for all pets of any size. Some funeral homes allow the owner to be present during the cremation.

Cremation is an ecological and hygienic alternative to burial.

If a person moves to another house the urn can be easily carried along without any problem. Many people don’t have a private garden and if they are too old they might have difficulties burying their pets.

Cremation is the best way to honour the memory of this special friend who has played an important role in or lives. As people become more aware that all animals are living beings worthy of respect, they seek to find more dignified and appropriate burial solutions.


Our Seeds


FSC certified

Made in Italy


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